Kenya Safari Exclusive

Kenya Safari Exclusive

The Kenya safari Tours  is a rewarding adventure. Kenya is blessed with many natural wealth which makes it the best safari holiday destination in Africa. Kenya has unspoilt natural beauty, such as the animal migration, Mt Kenya, the big five, birds paradise the sun kissed beaches and the spectacular landscapes.

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Kenya wildlife safaris

The rare wild dogs and ant bear in Kenya

Most visitors to Kenya for the first time come to see the big five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo) but as you come to Kenya often you will focus on other rare animals found in remote areas of Kenya like wild dogs and ant bear.

Ant Bear

The aardvark known as Ant bear in Africa  is a medium-sized mammal native when a concentration of ants or termites is detected, the aardvark digs into the ground.  This animal is found in many part of Kenya.  It ravel most at night and it will be hard to sport it during the day.  You will need a sport light, set you moving camera and wait for man hours at nights.

Wild dogs

In Laikipia Kenya you encounter on of the big unfenced plains where wildlife cross freely.  One of the rare wild dogs are spotted here. The beautiful scenery and wildlife are on increase in this undisturbed wildness. The climate is peasant and the people who lives here are proud happy people with their tradition attire. Unlike national parks and reserves in Kenya where there is restrictions, in Laikipia you travel endless plains, rivers, forest, acacia woodland, and more of open plains where you spot the wild dogs.

masai mara safari

Masai mara safari

A 3 day safari masai mara for the great migration Africa

3 day Amboseli safari

3 day Amboseli

A 3 day safari Amboseli at the foot of the snow capped Kilimanjaro

4 day masai mara safari

4 day masai mara

A 4 day safari masai mara for the wildebeest migration

4 day amboseli safari

4 day Amboseli

A 4 day Amboseli/Tsavo safari for the amazing herds of elephants