Kenya Safari Exclusive

Kenya Safari Exclusive

The Kenya safari Tours  is a rewarding adventure. Kenya is blessed with many natural wealth which makes it the best safari holiday destination in Africa. Kenya has unspoilt natural beauty, such as the animal migration, Mt Kenya, the big five, birds paradise the sun kissed beaches and the spectacular landscapes.

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Kenya best safari
The best national park and reserves in KENYA FOR SAFARI
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Amboseli national park
At the bottom of the snow capped mount Kilimanjaro famous for elephants
Nairobi National park
Just at the door step to Kenya capital city Nairobi National park is the only park in the world at the city
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Lake Nakuru Natioal park
Just at the door step to Kenya capital city Nairobi National park is the only park in the world at the city
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Masai mara National reserve
Only in masai mara safari you will experience the Africa great migration.
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Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is a city that never seems to sleep. The entire town has a boundless energy, and is thriving place where all of human life can be found. This is a place of great contrasts where race, tribe and origin all become facets of a unique Nairobi character.

A little more than a century ago , lions, rhino, leopards, giraffes, deadly snakes and myriads other animals roamed free here. The brave Maasai brought their beloved cattle to the fresh waters of the river they called Uaso Nairobi meaning ‘Cold water’. In fact, they named the area Enkarre Nairobi meaning ‘Place of Cold Waters’. Since then, Nairobi has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Its growth is evident in its ever-changing skyline. Today’s tall and imposing buildings of glass and steel sparkling in the light of the setting tropical sun are a sight to behold. It is almost impossible to believe that , Nairobi was a lurking place for wild beasts-a dangerous area for humans.

It would be very unfair to talk about Nairobi and fail to mention that it is a melting pot of beautiful cultures. The population of the city totals over two million, comprising of native Kenyans [mostly working migrants from all over Kenya], Indian-Kenyans [descendants of the Indians who came to Kenya to help in constructing the Kenya Railway once known as the Lunatic express], Australian, Canadian, American, Asian and European settlers and their descendants as well as temporary and permanent residents from the same countries. All together, they form a truly cosmopolitan culture.

It is no wonder then that the city is host to world and regional bodies. The United Nations Environment Programme has its world headquarters in Nairobi.

The city large by African standards . Therefore, it would be stupid to ignore the fact that it suffers from the ills that afflict most large cities. However, that should not stop anyone from enjoying the beauty of the ‘place of cool waters’.

Nairobi national park
The city is itself a tourist destination. This is not a modern city separated from the great wilderness that surrounds it. Just on its doorstep the Nairobi National Park located less than six miles from the city centre is a visitor’s haven. The park is home to most popular species only the elephant is an absentee. But the rest of the Big Five – leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino – as well as a multitude of other creatures are all well represented.